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Service Center

Starting with May 1, 2013, your favorite products from Serioux come with Pickup and Return service, so that you can benefit from the best services.

Thus, wherever you are in the country, if you encounter problems with your product, we will pick it up as soon as possible by express courier and return it directly to your door, free of charge, for the entire warranty period of the product.

  • National coverage, the product is picked up and returned from the customer’s home, by courier.
  • Free for the entire warranty period for the transport of the product in service and return.
  • Time economy.

The diagnostic and repair service for Serioux products is provided by Depanero SRL. For a quick and efficient solution please follow the instructions below:

  1. Before calling the service center, make sure you have the following information: – Product model and series – Number and date of the invoice with which the product was purchased – A detailed description of the problem.
  2. Contact the authorized service center using the following contact details: – Telephone: 0742.726.843 (07-WARRANTY) – Through the Depanero portal:
  3. Follow the instructions received from the service center.